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Saarbrücken, Germany's small jewel lying on the French border, is Saarland's charming and amicable capital that has some truly intriguing stories to tell: a plethora of Roman and Baroque landmarks, all scattered along the Saar river, speak of the region's eventful past.

The City

Saarbrücken was established in 1909 with the unification of three settlements located along the Saar river. Thanks to Saarland's coal resources, local activities such as fishing were soon overtaken by industry, which was, however, destined to suffer several fallbacks throughout the turbulent German history. The area's earliest years date as far back as the Roman age. Later on, Saarbrücken was at the forefront of several clashes between French and German forces, from the Franco-Dutch war in the 1670s to the World Wars in the 20th century, often resulting in separation from Germany. Today, the city of Saarbrücken is made unique by a French touch of elegance, the vast greenery typical of entire Saarland, and the many Baroque works of the city's architect Friedrich Joachim Stengel, all easily explorable on foot in this friendly and compact state capital.

Do & See

From relaxing green areas to historical landmarks, Saarbrücken is a colourful place that offers a plethora of activities.


Saarbrücken has a diverse gastronomic scene with a wide spectrum of foreign and local flavours. The region of Saarland is noted for its potato hash (Dibbelabbes), "flame pizza" (Flammkuchen), and has long-preserved barbecue traditions (called locally Schwenken) which anyone is free to enjoy in the parks lining the Saar river.


Homemade fruit butter cakes with a steaming cup of coffee: enjoy the sweet side of Saarland in one of the plenty cosy cafés in town.

Bars & Nightlife

If you only see it during the day, you won't see enough: "Saarbrooklyn" has a vibrant nightlife buzzing with beer gardens and plenty of hip clubs, entertaining revelers all night long.


Cobblestone alleyways with charming boutiques and shopping malls with well-known international brands: Saarbrücken has something for every taste and budget.

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