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The 2000-year old imperial city of Aachen is a cosmopolitan town with historical flair. Located at the heart of the border triangle between Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium, Aachen sits right in the middle of a region worth exploring. The town itself is known, among other things, for being the imperial capital under Charles the Great (who was laid to rest here), and for the Aachener Printen, a variety of gingerbread originating from here.

The City

The culture of the Western nation developed in different places all over Europe, but there is no city like Aachen in which that is always present and so beautifully integrated into the modern architecture. With the warm water springs beneath the town, the Romans established themselves here as well as the Middle Age Kings, which were crowned in the Dom for several years of German history. In contrast, the Gothic town hall once supposed to be the Charlemagne’s castle shines on the backside of the cathedral. All this architecture and spectacular buildings are surrounded by a virtual valley and the nature reserves like the Ardennes and Eifel make the city a green place with lovely spots to take a breath. Apart from the differing landscapes, you will find a worthwhile diversion in the city, students coming from all over the world at side with traditional citizens called “Oecher” and young families making Aachen a great habitable place. The Europeans come and visit for the Metropolis for its nature surrounding and the historic traditions including a modern living culture.

Do & See

Most of the sights you are going to visit in Aachen are parts of the monuments that Charles the Great once created magnificently. Still there is a unique museum culture attracting multinational artists and a vivid theatre performing classical plays and contemporary interpretations as well as operas. Special about Aachen is also the traditional Christmas Market in December. Then the squares around the cathedral are full of different brilliant wooden houses where you can buy presents, food, Printen and certainly glühwein.


Aachen’s cuisine is influenced by the neighbouring countries Netherlands and Belgium. The Öcher Puttes is a famous sausage, that is served with apples, potatoes or sauerkraut. Aachen offers upscale restaurants and affordable eateries, as well as international choices. If you are looking for a nice place to eat, you will find most of the restaurants in the heart of the city close to the cathedral. There will be something for everyone.


The Aachener Printen (gingerbread-like treats), Reisfladen (pie filled with rice pudding), Belgian waffles, pralines – all this and more awaits you in Aachen’s many cafes. Café culture can be found all over the city inspired by the Benelux countries bordering Aachen. A lovely hot chocolate or home-made cake in a pleasant atmosphere is the possibility for recharging your batteries and meeting friends. Most of the cafés have outdoor seating in the summertime and await you already.

Bars & Nightlife

Due to the reason that Aachen is a student city since the late 19th century, nightlife always promises to be vivid and diverse. Bars serve to all tastes, making an evening in Aachen unforgettable. Nightlife used to happen on the Pontstraße where clubs and bars act side by side.


Shopping in Aachen creates wonderful opportunities simply for the fact that stores are located in the heart of the centre just a little walk away from the main sights. Fashion boutiques, health and beauty store, electronic retailers, chain stores as well as huge department stores, they are all here. At the first opportunity, you should interrupt sightseeing and go for some shopping.

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