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For centuries, Zagreb has been a focal point of culture and science, and later also developed into a major centre of commerce and industry. Nowadays, it is a predominantly outdoorsy town with a plethora of cultural and clubbing opportunities, which are some of the many reasons people of all ages flock to this dazzling capital.

The City

The town of Zagreb has a lot to offer in its different areas. The thousand-year-old Gornji grad (Upper town) contains the Presidential Palace, the historic church of St. Mark’s, the Croatian parliament, along with museums and galleries. They are all set in romantic cobbled streets, which are lit by gas lamps in the evening. The other extraordinary district is the 19th-century Donji grad (Lower town) with its shops, restaurants, cafés, theatres, parks and spectacular buildings. Zagreb is also a city of green parks and walking paths, with many places to visit in beautiful surroundings. Despite the rapid development of the economy and transportation, it has retained its charm and a relaxed feeling that makes it a genuinely human city.

Do & See

The best way to explore the city of Zagreb is on foot, as many tourist attractions like monuments, cathedrals, museums, and parks are located in the city centre. The ones that are located outside the city are easily accessible by bus or tram. From culture vultures to nature lovers, in Zagreb, every type of tourist will find something for them.


In Zagreb, you will find plenty of good restaurants serving both national and international cuisine. In the spring and summer, dine alfresco and soak up the kinetic atmosphere. Most of the restaurants are open until 11pm or midnight, unless stated otherwise.


For Croatians, having coffee is more than just drinking a beverage, it's a ritual and a social event. Take your time to sit at a table and soak up the local atmosphere at one of Zagreb's charming cafes. The thriving coffee scene will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a place.

Bars & Nightlife

Zagreb has no shortage of bars and pubs. At Tkalciceva, there seems to be a pub every few metres and the area is superb for a pub crawl – as it looks like one vast outdoor bar. Zagreb also has a solid and lively nightlife that revolves around several characterful and informal clubs and discos. Most of the activity is from September to late June, as some of the clubs shut down for the summer when many locals go on holiday elsewhere.


There are a lot of shopping centres in Zagreb, both in the city centre and outside, where you can find all your favourite brands and also some new ones. If you want to visit some local designer stores, you should take a walk along the streets of Ilica and Tkalčićeva. But don't forget to check out Zagreb's outdoor markets, where you'll find plenty of food and souvenir options.

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