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Almost entirely surrounded by the warm waters of the Adriatic, Zadar may not be large, but it will charm you with its character. A thoroughly cosmopolitan space, the city is full of extraordinary architecture and offers some of the best sailing around Zadar's archipelago and along the western coast of the Dalmatia region.

The City

Zadar is the urban centre of northern Dalmatia, situated just at the heart of the Adriatic sea. Often shadowed by more famous destinations along the Croatian coast, it's a city of exceptional history with a modern and welcoming attitude. In the peninsular Old Town traces of the past are still visible in the streets layout and in the Mediterranean architectures and Roman ruins popping up among cosy cafes and traditional eateries. Zadar is also the ideal departure point to discover the beautiful surroundings.

Do & See

A blending of ancient time, colonial past and modern days animate the street of Zadar. Roman ruins, medieval churches and traces of the Venetian dominion are just few steps away from modern installations celebrating the most acclaimed sunsets of the city. Top quality museums and lively squares complete the offer of this characteristic Dalmatian town.


The culinary offer of Zadar may not be particularly international, but rather focused on Mediterranean cuisine and seafood. Wander the cobbled streets of the city and encounter culinary delights based on fresh, local ingredients and traditional dishes. The wine selection is very often varied and of good quality.


Take a break from sightseeing with some savoury street food or some mouth-watering cake. Don't miss out the stunning summer sunsets from the many terraced cafes of Riva promenade.

Bars & Nightlife

The streets of Zadar have and undeniably relaxed ambiance, with locals flocking to the squares to sip refreshing drinks during aperitif hour. Many restaurants are open until late and hosts live music sessions. There are also numerous lounge bars with good selections of wines and cocktails. Clubs are usually open only during the summer.


Markets and independent shops selling traditional Dalmatian specialties are highly suggested for value-for-money shopping. For unique souvenirs check the gift shops of major museums and galleries, selling well-defined replicas of the ancient items they showcase made by professional craftsmen.

Tourist Information