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Vodice is a coastal town located in a wide bay, 11km northwest from the town of Šibenik, the centre of Šibenik-Knin County. The town of Vodice numbers almost 10,000 inhabitants, and is considered to be an ideal vacationing destination, where everyone can find something to enjoy. In and around Vodice there are many beautiful beaches washed over by crystal clear waters, historic spots, and the beautiful Kornati archipelago.

The Town

The genesis of Vodice can be traced back to the times of St. Cross's Church construction in 1402. There were only a few houses on the seaboard at the time. A fair was held here, where domestic farming and craft products were traded for those arriving on boats. However, Vodice was a phenomenon in one aspect: it exported drinking water until the end of the 19th century. After all, it did develop in this very place because of wells of brackish water. Two of them are preserved in the central town square, in memory of tradition and old customs. A well was not merely a place where people came to get drinking water and wash their laundry; all social events took place there, new loves were born and marriages agreed upon, wheel dances were danced and songs were sung, people met and celebrated there, laughed and cried. Close to Vodice are two interesting places that worth a visit: Prvic Island and the Srima Peninsula. The island is known for Faust Vrančić, born in 1551 and is one of the best scientists in Europe of his time, often called Croatian Leonardo da Vinci. He was a reputable church dignitary, diplomat and writer and later a famous inventor, lexicographer, historian and writer. In his memory, the Memorial Centre Faust Vrančić was inaugurated in 2012 on the island. The Srima Peninsula is also an old settlement inhabited as early as the prehistoric and ancient ages. Srima of today offers the most modern facilities for a relaxed and memorable vacation. Today Vodice is a tourist centre, among the best known ones in the Central Adriatic. Vodice offers guests a lot of different experiences and locations to discover – from old Roman archaeological sites and churches to active vacations and medical tourism. A rich calendar with different events throughout the summer gives you the possibility to enjoy music evenings, art exhibitions or taste and learn about Dalmatian products and cuisine.

Do & See

Vodice is an old settlement with a rich history. In the town of Vodice and its surroundings you can find a lot of historical places and buildings worth visiting. The Roman settlements like Velika Mrdakovica Arauzona or Roman Prižba on Srima peninsula can be reached on foot or by bike. A great number of famous small churches with very interesting architecture are gathered in and around Vodice. The small island of Prvic is one of the places that should be visited.


Vodice is well-known and appreciated among the guests for the rich and versatile gastronomy. Most of the restaurants, taverns and pizzerias are located on riva or in small backstreets in the town. You can enjoy everything from sophisticated Dalmatian fish and meat dishes to a natural local kitchen with local spices, olive oil and Croatian herbs.

Bars & Nightlife

In Vodice party people can spend a pleasant time in many bars and nightclubs. One of them is Hacienda, one of the most known clubs in Croatia. When the summer comes the best DJs from the whole world pack their equipment and come to Croatian clubs to entertain the crowds. It is something magic in the air with hot Croatian summer nights!


Vodice has a number of small, cute and well equipped souvenir and gift shops. In every shop you can find a rare and interesting gifts like handcrafted art pieces from well-known designers or food producers from the region and Croatia. Do not be surprised if you discover an exclusive piece of jewellery from a famous Croatian designer or the most exclusive wine on the coast in one of those backstreet shops in Vodice.

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